SCISS AB: Using astrovisualization tools to explore the brain

To achieve our aesthetic, we have partnered with the Stockholm-based software company SCISS AB, which developed Uniview, the premier software environment for producing dome-format films. Uniview is a versatile, real-time data visualization program that is designed to present scientific data from fields that include astronomy, geosciences, and climatology. Uniview was co-developed with team member Carter Emmart. The short animation, The Known Universe, directed by Carter, was created exclusively using Uniview.

Our partners in crime at SCISS AB: Daniel Arnberg (left), and COO Johan Sköld (right). Note NASA's Curiosity rover in back of Daniel.

Our partners in crime at SCISS AB: Daniel Arnberg (left), and COO Johan Sköld (right). Note NASA’s Curiosity rover in back of Daniel.

Bitplane Scientific Software: Flying through neurons

Complementing our partnership with SCISS, we have also joined forces with Bitplane Scientific Software. Bitplane, part of the Andor Technology Group, is the developer of Imaris, currently the premier visualization platform for biological data. Bitplane brings to our project over two decades of scientific software development. Their team of scientists comprises experts in key technologies such as 3D microscopy, image restoration, visualization and analysis. With their help, we’re bringing data directly to the public using tools designed by and for scientists.

Look at all these dudes.

The Bitplane Team: Marcin Barszczewski, Shigemitsu Koseki, Chris Gallagher, Dr. Matthias Ascherl, Dr. Michael Mahlert, Dr. Daniel Reisen, Dieter Gohlmann, Aline Flockerzi, Leeza McCarragher, Dr. Won Yung Choi, Dr. Luciano Lucas, Dr. Delisa Garcia

The yt Project

YT is a python package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric, multi-resolution data from astrophysical simulations, radio telescopes, and a burgeoning interdisciplinary community.


We additionally thanks the following institutions and companies for their generous support:



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