Sample videos

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) revealing connectivity in the brain

This movie depicts fibers of “connectivity” in the brain, as seen through diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), an MRI technique. The pulses of light travel along each fiber, tracing beginning to end; the pulses go only one way in this animation. The resulting visual conveys the concept of information flow through the brain’s “wiring.” The colors indicate the direction of fiber tract orientation. Visualization by Mark SubbaRao, Michael Dayan, and Patrick McPike. Music by Adam Chimera. Software: UNIVIEW, courtesy SCISS AB.
© 2014 Neurodome

Volumetric rendering of human CT Scan

This volumetric rendering of human CT scan depicts the skull, skin and brain. The data was produced using yt ( For the techies: the transfer function is a sinusoidally varying narrow Gaussian function highlighting different responses to the CT scan. Visualization by Jeffrey SubbaRao, Mark SubbaRao, and Patrick McPike. © 2014 Neurodome

The Journey Inward