Dear all,

Wow – just two days in and you’ve gotten us up to 10%! This is truly meaningful for all of us on Team NEURODOME. When we hit SUBMIT on our project this past Saturday at our launch party, someone joked “So is the money rushing in yet?” Thank you all for making that person feel dumb.

We’ve been working, playing, thinking, writing, and struggling with this project concept for years. We’ve pitched the project countless times, gotten a lot of “no.” But we kept on because the project sounded cool to us.  It’s sort of irrational. But then again, so is the idea of sending humans to Mars.

I heard Sylvester Stallone had to pitch Rocky over and over until a studio finally let him direct it himself.  NEURODOME is our Rocky. And we are all Sylvester Stallones (Stalloni?).

Seriously, though, THANK YOU – you guys rock!