Thank you

Dear friends,

I wanted to thank you all for believing in this project and wanting to see it happen! The kind words and encouragement that you’ve sent along messages has been truly moving.

It’s been quite a week! $3.6K in five days! If we keep up this pace, we will make our goal!  And if we make it sooner – and exceed our goal – the extra funds will translate directly into longer animations for your viewing pleasure. After a lifetime of listening to National Public Radio fundraisers, we know all the tricks for making people feel bad about not donating. But with this campaign, we’ve got more than tote bags. We’re offering a completely unique experience and the chance to be a part of something new. Not to knock NPR tote bags, of course.

Exploration takes us away from the comfort and safety of our homes – it leads us to new discoveries and greener pastures. And speaking of green, we, Team NEURODOME, need to reach out and explore new communities for support. You’ve given us a running start, now help us continue the momentum by spreading the word and passing on our Kickstarter link!

THANK YOU once again,